Colors Coming Through Assignment Winner Gayle Lucci

'Stormy Forcast' by Gayle Lucci

‘Stormy Forcast’ by Gayle Lucci

Congratulations to Gayle Lucci for winning the Colors Coming Through Assignment!

“The original plan was to scout out Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park in September 2013.  We must have missed the turn-off,” says Lucci. “The weather was threatening with high winds, driving sleet and rain. As we approached Jackson Lake, there was a small break in the clouds with the Tetons briefly visible. I knew there was a very small window so grabbed just the camera and ran down the embankment. The ground was saturated, making it difficult to keep my footing. The driving rain had pretty much soaked through my clothes and it was impossible to keep the camera dry. I only got a couple shots before the clouds shrouded the mountains and the sunbreak vanished. Drenched and cold, I quickly climbed back to the car. The plan was to return the following morning, only to find the park had been closed due to a “government shutdown” lasting the next 16 days. Never made it back.  It made me even more appreciative of the few images I did get of that unforgettable scene.”