Contrasting Scenics And Landscapes Assignment Winner Mahendra Singh Chouhan

Congratulations to Mahendra Singh Chouhan for winning the recent Contrasting Scenics And Landscapes Assignment with the image, “Essence of Estes Park.” See more of Chouhan’s photography on Facebook and Instagram

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Winner: "Essence Of Estes Park" By Mscneuro


”I’m a practicing neurosurgeon in India and Africa (Kenya),” explains Chouhan. “I’m also a passionate photographer since 1998, and my love for photography has increased so much in the due course that I only participate in conferences across the world, which offers me a great photographic opportunity as well. One of my papers was selected in the International Pediatric Neurosurgery Conference at Denver, and I realized that Rocky Mountain National Park is nearby. It was a fantastic opportunity of photographing one of the most visited national parks of the USA, apart from presenting my paper!

I stayed in the town of Estes Park (100 miles from Denver) for five nights, and each day, I hiked with my mountain guide (Mr. Dan Timberel of Estes Park). This photo was taken on a beautiful early evening when I took a Green Jeep Tours and they got me to Moraine Park.

“I was shocked by the scene that I saw as "Essence Of Estes," as The majestic Long's Peak, the dense forest it possesses, the massive planes it offers with the river and The bull elk with its harem (yes, they’re there in the scene but too tiny compared to the scale of the scene). Everything was here to witness!”

Nikon D850, Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 at 95mm. Exposure: 1/100th sec., f/13, ISO 2000.