Daily Inspiration: Sunrise in Great Falls National Park

In addition to the normal posts I publish; i.e… trip reports, articles, thoughts, ect.., I will now be adding the Daily Inspiration to my personal blog. A single image a day, some new and some old, all meant to provide inspiration to the viewer and insight on the creative and technical aspects of photography. Sometimes I will simply post the image with a brief write up of location and equipment and on other occasions, as time allows, I will go into more detail on the creative and technicals of the shot. I will share at least one or two Daily Inspirations over here on the OP blog as well.

I would like to kick things off with an image I captured just the other day at sunrise in Great Falls National Park in Virginia. This park is close to home for me, and when I am not on the road, I often like to visit this location. Sunrise is by far my favorite time of day to visit the park. The light always seems to be a bit sweeter, and often times I have the entire place to myself. No easy task considering Great Falls is only 20 minutes outside of our nations capitol. After arriving, I made my way down to the river in the blue light of dawn. The water levels right now are running high and this means a limited number of places to find good foregrounds on the river in the gorge. I set up below these cascades looking northwest up the gorge. The best light happened about 15 minutes post sunrise as a bank of clouds built giving me a great sky to work with and the sun finally broke free from the hills and illuminated the inner gorge in soft & sweet early morning light.  A morning worth remembering!

Technicals: Nikon D800e, Nikkor 14-24mm, Fotodiox CPL, Gitzo Mountaineer & Arca Swiss Ball head, 1/3 of a second @ F14, ISO 50, raw. Developed in Adobe Lightroom V4, sized and sharpened for the web in Adobe Photoshop CS6.