David Stoecklein at Triple Creek Ranch

June 4 - 7, 2010

Triple Creek Ranch will host world famous Western genre photographer, David Stoecklein’s photography workshop.  David, author of numerous books and recipient of broad American and international acclaim, will share his vast knowledge and photography skills with participants making them better photographers, more capable technicians and perceptive critics of the photographic arts. Where better to find and capture your creative soul than among Montana’s awe inspiring Bitterroot Valley with the help of America’s foremost Western photographer?

Alongside Dave, you may shoot scenic valley vistas, colorful sunsets silhouetted against majestic mountains, an anxious elk herd twitching before bolting away, or a solitary cowboy emerging from the damp morning fog. You’ll learn the technical aspects as well as the art. Dave will provide critiques of your work after each day’s shoot.  You and other workshop participants will trade ideas and opinions as you learn and refine new techniques, get inspired by new subject matter and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Spiced with Dave’s experience-based insights and true-life anecdotes this serious opportunity to learn comes fully loaded with the potential for all participants to be charmed and entertained as well as educated.

Dave has spent more than 30 years creating images that capture the spirit of the American West.  He has worked closely with ranchers and cowboys from every western state.  He has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books including: Cowboy Ethics, The Montana Cowboy, The Performance Horse: A Photographic Tribute, The American Quarter Horse, Cowgirls in Heaven, and more. Dave’s signature style of honest, earnest portrayal, candid action, and subtle lighting accurately captures the sights and sentiments of the American West, while elevating the art of photography to a level which rivals the artistic media of the world’s great masters.

David Stoecklein launched his photographic career taking lifestyle shots of skiing, fishing, hiking and biking, landing assignments for companies such as Coca-Cola, Ski Magazine, L.L. Bean, Reebok, Timberland and Scientific Angler. It was not long, however, before he turned his lens to his neighbors on the great ranches of the West.

David’s fascination with the ranching heritage of the American West led him to befriend, and subsequently photograph, the men and women still breathing life into the mythical figure of the cowboy. David’s passion for preserving the traditions and beliefs of the country’s honest, hard-working cowboys and cowgirls gradually earned him their respect. With that respect came an open invitation to share in their lives, and the great responsibility to honor their trust.

Stoecklein Photography houses an extensive stock collection encompassing both lifestyle and western images, and supports a gallery of fine art prints and western memorabilia in Ketchum, ID. Stoecklein Publishing produces an annual line of western calendars as well as a series of coffee table books that grows every year.

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