Digital Foci Ships New “Image Moments 8″ Digital Photo Frame

Digital Foci Image Moment 8.jpgLos Angeles – Digital Foci, Inc. ( announced today that it’s now shipping the new “Image Moments 8” 8-inch screen digital photo frame, just in time for Mother’s Day. “Image Moments 8” features advanced LED Backlight Technology, 450MB of internal memory, and built-in memory card slots to let you display and share photos in sharp, vibrant color on its high-resolution digital LCD screen.

Preload mom’s favorite family photos: baby, children, grandchildren, or other photos, on Image Moments to give her the perfect Mother’s Day gift. With the convenient Auto-Start feature, Image Moments will automatically start a photo slideshow. She just needs to turn the frame on to immediately start enjoying and re-living precious photo moments. New photos can easily be added by inserting a memory card into Image Moments, or by transferring from the computer.

Image Moments 8 (Model IMT-083) has an 8-inch high-resolution SVGA (800×600) digital LCD screen with 500:1 contrast ratio and a unique proprietary Adapter Ring design that supports limitless custom framing options — even your own custom creation. The frame also features an interchangeable mat with 3 color selections; a hinged memory card door to hide the cards from view for an elegant finish; and an easel leg for alternating between landscape and portrait positioning to make changing your home or office décor a snap.

450MB Internal Memory for Over 3,000 Photos! — Supports All Digital Camera Memory Card Formats

Image Moments 8 is now equipped with 450MB of internal memory, so it can store more than 3,000 photos (with image resolution of 1024 x 768). Photos can be copied directly into the internal memory from any memory card you place in its memory card slot, completely eliminating the need for a computer. For additional memory, photos can be viewed from all popular memory cards, including CompactFlash, SD/HC card, MMC, Memory Stick, MS PRO, xD-Picture Card, and even MS Duo/MS PRO Duo, directly without the need of an adapter. For those who wish to transfer photos back and forth from the computer to Image Moments, there’s also a USB slot to support computer connection.

Unique Folder View Mode – Works with Picasa Web Albums

Image Moments lets you search your memory card contents easily in the “Folder View Mode” and browse through photos in “Photo Thumbnail View.” The unique folder view lets you play and organize your photos by folders, so you can playback specific folders as needed. In addition, users can easily download and store Picasa Web Albums to Image Moments and play chosen Web Albums as a photo slideshow. Sophisticated file management features are also available, including copy, rename, delete files, sort files by name or date, and create new folders. You can also create, edit, and sequence multiple playlists on Image Moments and select a specific playlist to playback.

Advanced Playback Options

Image Moments 8’s “Photo Slideshow Mode” automatically displays your photos with options for random photo play, transition effects, and slideshow intervals. You can create unique slideshows by selecting specific photos from multiple memory card sources to view. Play videos or photo slideshows with music from a variety of music file formats to personalize your experience.

Automatically Rotates Portrait & Landscape Photos for Correct Display

Portrait and landscape photos are automatically rotated by reading the photo’s EXIF data to display correctly according to the orientation of the frame through the built-in auto-rotate orientation sensor. Other great new features include an automatic on/off timer with three schedule settings, which can be set to activate or turn off according to your schedule. {mospagebreak}

Image Moments 8 Features:

Screen and Sound Quality:

* 8” SVGA (800×600) digital LCD with high contrast ratio of 500:1
* Leading technology LCD with LED backlight
* Hinged memory card door hides memory cards from view
* Unique interchangeable frame & mat design
* High-quality stereo speakers with frequency response range of 300-20K Hz, resulting in deep and rich sounding audio.
* Audio output to external speakers for special events.

Memory Sources:

* 450 MB internal memory.
* Built-in memory card slots provide native support for: CF, MMC, SD/HC Card, Memory Stick, MS PRO, MS Duo, MS PRO Duo, and xD-Picture Card (also supports mini-SD and RS-MMC with adapter).
* Copies photos directly from memory cards to internal memory without needing a computer.
* USB 2.0 connection for transferring photos between your computer and the frame.
* Memory Source Select allows concurrent selection of a single or multiple memory sources for playback.
* File management features: Organize, copy, delete, rename files; sort files by name or date; create new folders; copy between memory cards and internal memory.

Playback Options:

* Selective playback: Navigate and select specific photos and videos to playback from all available memory sources.
* Versatile playback modes: Select playback by photo only, video only, both photo and video, or photo with music.
* On-device playlist management: Create, edit, and playback unique playlists of favorite photos in desired sequence directly on the frame.
* Advanced multimedia format support:
o Image: JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, RAW image files from a wide selection of DSLR cameras.
o Audio: MP3, AAC, WMA.
o Video: MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-4SP.
* Automatic photo orientation based on EXIF data: Photos will be automatically rotated to the correct orientation based on the EXIF data captured by the camera.
* Landscape and portrait positioning with auto-rotate orientation sensor: Photos will automatically be displayed in the correct orientation according to landscape or portrait positioning of the frame.
* Automatic photo slideshow with adjustable time intervals, multiple transition effects, and random option.
* Multiple photo viewing options: Zoom, pan, rotate photos, view EXIF, and view photo thumbnail.
* Automatic on/off timer for scheduled operation with 3 available schedule settings.
* Versatile control options: Operate the frame by onboard joystick and buttons or wireless remote control.

Physical Design:

* Tension hinged easel leg allows users to choose optimal display angle.
* Brackets for easy wall-mounting in both landscape and portrait orientation.
* Lanyard fixture for tethering down Image Moments in public areas to prevent theft.

Image Moments 8 (IMT-083) is available immediately priced at $199 at Digital Foci’s online store at

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