DJI Introduces New Phantom Inspire One

DJI InspireOne
DJI InspireOne With Controller

As drones continue to soar in both popularity and capability, DJI, makers of the Phantom line of copters, has introduced the new Inspire One drone. The Inspire picks up where the Phantom Vision 2+ left off. A newly designed, built in camera can shoot 4K video (at 24-30fps) and high-resolution still images (the image sensor is a 12-megapixel Sony EXMOR 1/2.3" ). In still mode the camera can shoot single shots, bursts up to 7 fps and timelapse.

Whether shooting still or video, the heart of any aerial platform is the gimbal. DJI has a strong history of creating elegant, solid, robust gimbals and the Inspire One's Zenmuse X3 gimbal looks to keep up that reputation. It's angular vibration range is +/- 0.03degrees and the controllable range is ample (DJI's full specs can be found here).

On the aircraft and controller side, the Inspire comes almost ready to fly right out of the box. also has a particularly cool design. As the Inspire One takes off, the carbon fiber arms connecting the main body to the propellers pivot up to give the camera an unobstructed view. The included remote controller is preset out of the box and DJI's Lightbridge, which gives you a high-resoluion video feed directly from the aircraft to a mobile device (smart phone or tablet), is also included.

The Verge did a good hands's on review with a video. See their report here.

Also, check out this DJI promo video with Philip Bloom:

The new Inspire One is available for $2899. Units are expected to start shipping on Dec 1.


    hey chris, [Sorry if repost, im not trying to spam you, my internet goofed and I couldn’t tell if the first try worked]

    I’ve actually covered this beast on my website. The inspire is a fantastic tool but is also difficult to justify a purchase of unless your *really* need professional video shots. Otherwise you should stick to the phantom 3. Theyre the only comperable models right now so check it my DJI Phantom 3 vs Inspire 1 review. Hopefully you can glean some good information from that to add to this site because if you are trying to really reach out to people here, there’s not enough to do it justice.

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