Don’t Wear “Pre-Visualization Blinders”

(© Ian Plant) Pre-visualization is a good thing, but sometimes the quest to make an image that is stuck in your head can blind you to other photographic possibilities. This is the topic of the most recent post to my personal photoblog, Don't Wear Pre-Visualization Blinders. Sorry to keep people bouncing back and forth between this blog and my own; I try to give each roughly equal time, so that means I have to split my posts up between the two. To keep up with my blog entries there and here you can subscribe to my blog feed, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

"Spring Cascade" - Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

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    I studied with Minor White in the 60’s so “pre-visualization” is a familiar concept. It was never presented as an enslavement mechanism, but rather a challenge put in a series of questions which were designed to promote discipline and craft: When you are about to take a photograph, can you envision what the final print should look like? When you are printing, can you produce what you first visualized? And, in both cases, why not? — These questions never precluded the question: Are you surprised about what other images might also be discovered in the process of going from film to print?

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