China Poot Peak Over Homer Harbor, Alaska

Magic light on the mountains surrounding Homer, Alaska
China Poot Peak

Nikon D810, Nikon 70-200mm f/4 lens, @ 120mm, f/11, ISO 64, 1/10 sec.

Hello from Alaska! I hit the road in April for a long trip, and my journey took me through major stops in Kentucky, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper, before finally arriving at my ultimate destination of Alaska. I grew up by the ocean in Maine, and I can’t really stand being away from the ocean for too long. So once I made it to Alaska via the Alaska Highway, I headed for the seacoast as soon as I could, after dealing with a mechanical issue that left me unable to go far for about a week. It only makes sense that my RV would make it all the way to Alaska and then break down in the middle of nowhere, right?

The view of the mountains across the bay in Homer is just amazing. In this shot I was lucky and had the warm light of the late evening sun poke through the clouds and light up China Poot Peak.

It’s quite an adjustment being this far north in the spring/summer. There is no darkness at night, at best it’s like twilight in the middle of the night.

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Adam Woodworth is a landscape photographer, award-winning filmmaker and software engineer. He has had a love of photography for most of his life and one of his main focuses is landscape astrophotography. His earliest memory of gazing up in awe at the night sky was as a child in a canoe on a lake in Maine, fishing at night. The intensity of the star-filled sky in such a peaceful spot was a powerful experience, and now he enjoys sharing that experience through his photography. Follow him on Instagram as @awoodworthphoto.