Earn Money For Your Photos

Contest for Students of the Digital Photo Academy

Each month, the Panasonic Digital Photo Academy (DPA) will award two new DPA students $100 for their selected image from the Student Gallery on their Web site. The winning images will be chosen by the 15th of each month, and the student will be notified and the prizes will be awarded by the 30th of each month. In order for images to be eligible, they need to be uploaded to the DPA site under the Gallery section.

The requirements to enter are:

* Entries are only available to registered students — (past, present, and future classes all apply)
* Each student is allowed to upload five (5) images per registered class
* Images must be 600×800 (or smaller) JPEGs, uploaded directly on the DPA site

Any specific questions regarding class information, registration, or uploading gallery images should be directed to Amy Jackson, Program Director, at either [email protected] or 877.372.2231.

DPA Student Gallery Winner Information

Each image has the student’s name attached to the JPEG file, labeled as such: Last Name_First Name.jpg

Here is the information for their name, image description, class they took/location and hometown of student:

Chris Beckerman, “Blackbirds”, INT Class in Seattle, Seattle, WA

Carol Blakeley, “Warming Up With Determination”,  ADV Class in Phoenix, Wickenburg, AZ

Mark Buonagurio, “Staten Island”, ADV Class in New York City, New York, NY

Ron DiLaurenzio, “Fire Hydrant”,  ADV Class in Philadelphia, Bethlehem, CT

Michael Duff, “Summer Fun”, ADV Class in Philadelphia, Broomall, PA

H.M “Butch” Enterline, “Appaloosa Calf”,  INT Class in Dallas, Norman, OK

Darryl Fong, “Untitled”,  ADV Class in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Andromeda “Dede” Freeman, “Gate to Serenity”,  INT Class in Dallas, McKinney, TX

Kelly Grysho, “Untitled”,  INT Class in Phoenix, Glendale, AZ

Jean Hayes, “Industry”,  BEG Class in Seattle, Tacoma, WA

Kelly Hughes, “Dawn Reflections”,  INT Class in Seattle, Maple Valley, CA

Holly Laury, “Tulip Study”, INT Class in Philadelphia, Lake Ariel, PA

Nancy Nygren, “Untitled”,  BEG Class in Seattle, Woodinville, WA

Amanda Rapp, “Amsterdam”,  INT Class in Houston, Richmond, TX

Tyler Reed, “Grasshopper”,  INT Class in Denver, Lone Tree, CO

Randy Root, “Harley & Gus”, INT Class in Dallas, Dallas, TX

Laura Shelton, “Emu”,  ADV Class in Detroit, Louisville, KY

Marianne Veehoff, “Key West”, BEG Class in New York City, New York, NY

James Walczak, “Untitled”,  ADV Class in Cleveland, Lorain, OH

Mark Zucker, “Summertime”,  INT Class in San Diego, Newport Beach, CA

About the Digital Photo Academy

Introducing the Digital Photo Academy, by Panasonic-LUMIX Digital Cameras, a photo workshop series available in 20 major metropolitan areas across the country which helps digital camera owners at all skill levels learn how to better use their cameras and optimize their digital photography experiences.

The workshops are offered once a month for each of three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Our DPA instructors are accomplished professional photographers who teach seminar workshops available to 15 students per skill level, in the following 20 cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa and Washington, D.C.

By offering local monthly classes at all skill levels, the academy helps build networks of people involved in photography and encourages ongoing contacts between instructors and students.