“F-Stop Collaborate and Listen” Podcasts, July 2018

Hosted by landscape photographer Matt Payne, the podcast series “F-Stop Collaborate and Listen” presents informal conversations with nature photographers. They discuss the photographer’s motivations, explore his or her personal journey and perspectives on important issues facing landscape photographers today.

Listen to last month’s podcasts below.

July 4th – Episode 63 – Matt Payne– Interviewed by Gary Randall

  1. How I got into landscape photography.
  2. Why I started the podcast.
  3. How the podcast has impacted me as an artist and person.
  4. How the podcast has impacted the photography community (if at all).
  5. Memorable episodes of the podcast… and lots more!

Over on Patreon this week, Gary and I had a fabulous conversation what it takes to produce the podcast week after week.

July 11th– Episode 64 – Rajesh Jyothiswaran

  1. How Rajesh got into landscape photography.
  2. Challenges as a landscape photographer in Texas.
  3. Bias and discrimination in landscape photography.
  4. Recognition and its importance for photographers.

Over on Patreon this week, Rajesh and I had a fabulous conversation about a recent controversy he was involved in when he posted a photo of Mobius Arch with people standing on it.

July 18th– Episode 65 – Morag Paterson & Ted Leeming

  1. How Morag & Ted got into landscape photography.
  2. Abstract Impressionism photography.
  3. Their Zero Footprint project & climate change.
  4. Collaborating with each other as artists.

Over on Patreon this week, we had a fabulous conversation about selecting photo projects to work on, how to approach them, how to sustain them, and how to curate them for presentation.

July 25th– Episode 66 – Michael Shainblum

  1. The story about how Michael got into photography.
  2. How he gained traction as an artist early on.
  3. Dealing with the pressure to post on social media.
  4. Fame & Responsibility in landscape photography.
  5. The inspiration and why behind our shared interest in photographing the Milky Way.
  6. Transitioning away from night photography to other forms of photography – why and how it has affected the way he shoots.
  7. Time management as an artist with a huge social media following.
  8. How he photographed his “CASCADE – Waterfalls in Slow Motion” video.

Over on Patreon this week, Michael and I had a fabulous conversation where he told me the story about how he captured his famous photograph of lightning over the Golden Gate Bridge (see below) and he answered several listener questions.

July 31st– Episode 67 – Ben Canales

  1. Ben’s journey into night photography.
  2. How night photography has evolved.
  3. Shooting night video.
  4. Framing and composition differences between photography, time-lapse, and video.
  5. Location tagging on social media.
  6. Abusing locations for our benefit.
  7. Creativity, conformity, and the interesting new Instagram page “@Insta_Repeat

Over on Patreon this week, Ben and I had a fabulous conversation – he answered several listener questions from our Facebook group, explained how he keeps inspired to do night photography, and handled a delicate and complex question regarding responsibility.