Five Guides For Becoming A More Thoughtful Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife photography often requires significant time, expense and effort, but for those who can make it happen, the results are worth it. However, it’s important to put your subjects’ welfare first. With a passion for ethical wildlife photography, Melissa Groo’s mission is to educate people on the marvels of the natural world while disrupting her animal subjects as little as possible. The following five guides are invaluable resources for those interested in learning how to protect animals and preserve their environments.

1. Lessons In Wildlife Photography

This guide covers the gear, techniques and more intangible insights gained from years as a wildlife photographer. It’s informative for those starting out in wildlife photography, and even for more experienced photographers who are looking to improve their work. Read more …

2. Shortcuts That Shortchange Wildlife Photography

This guide explains why feeding and baiting wildlife for the sake of an image not only puts the animal in danger but can ultimately lead to its death. It also covers how seeking out animals in captivity to photograph from places such as game farms also pushes the limits of ethical practices due to the questionable quality of life and care of the animals. Read more …

3. Approaching Wildlife

With much keener senses than ours, it’s often difficult to be in an animal’s environment without it being aware of you. This guide offers strategies for blending in to help you get more natural photos of wildlife going about their daily business while, hopefully, remaining unaware of your presence. Read more …

4. Finding The Right Track

In the past 40 years, our planet has lost half of its wildlife. As Groo states in the opening of this article, “This is the best time in history to be a wildlife photographer, and this is the worst time in history to be a wild animal.” But where can we start in developing new ethical guidelines? In our own practice. Read more …

5. Going Deep

For more unique and meaningful photos of wildlife, it’s important to take the time to study and learn about your subjects. This guide offers advice on how photographs can become a voice for poorly understood or even persecuted animals by starting a discussion on the preservation of the animal and its habitat. Read more …


Point Reyes National Seashore

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