Five iPhone Apps that Aren’t Best Camera

Fix Or Repair Daily - iPhone 4 TiltShiftGen App by Jay Goodrich

Fix Or Repair Daily – iPhone 4 TiltShiftGen App © Jay Goodrich

Chase Jarvis is a genius in my opinion. He was the leader of the pack when it came to embracing social media to help promote his brand, and then released his Best Camera app for the iPhone way before most photographers even new that the iPhone was worthy of using as a camera. His app is my mainstay to, at a minimum, upload images to the Best Camera Website and social media circles. And more often than not, I use it to adjust my iPhone images. I do use other apps though and here is the who, what, where, and why. Remember, I firmly believe that my iPhone is the best invention since the release of the toaster. I use it daily to explore creativity and other angles of photography that I may not shoot on a regular basis. I mean the damn thing sits on my hip 24-7, so why not? You should do the same. You will become a better photographer if you do. I can promise that.

PS Express–This is Adobe’s take on photoshop for a mobile device. True to Adobe fashion this app works just like Photoshop. You can adjust contrast, crop, saturate, and my personal favorite sharpen. Remember a digital image is not an image without sharpening. Another cool feature of PS Express is the straighten tool which allows you to easily fix those crooked horizons especially since I am always off balance.

TiltShiftGen–This app is absolutely the coolest thing ever. Imagine having a tilt/shift lens in your pocket without carrying that heavy Canon 17mm. It tilts and shifts your image using two kinds of blur modes, a radial blur and linear one. And it really works. If you want to create those miniature landscapes using only an iPhone, now it is as simple as using this app. It also has color adjustment and vignetting. The image in this post was created using this app.

ColorSplash–How cool would it be to add a splash of color to a black and white image? How about just by drawing with your finger. With this app you can selectively draw over any subject matter in an image to make it color or do the opposite and make it black and white. Whatever is in color dramatically stands out over the rest.

Filterstorm–Take the PS Express app and add the ability to mask in the effects with sizable brushes and gradient filters and you have Filterstorm. Filterstorm also adds a curve adjustment tool which you can apply with a brush mask and/or the gradient filter. This app is a must anytime you are shooting a landscape. It also allows you to make adjustments from a group of presets, clone, and add text.

Photo fx–Imagine having every filter ever made in your camera bag, and it didn’t take up anymore of your precious camera bag space. Oh, yeah there’s an app for that. Sorry–I couldn’t resist. There are so many adjustments in this app I still haven’t even come close to utilizing them. Some of my favorites are the Bleach Bypass, Wide Angle Lens, Infrared, and the Pro-Mist adjustments.

And one more…Apple’s native HDR–I couldn’t resist adding one more. A while back when Apple added this feature to their operating system, I immediately jumped on board with a test and post over on my blog.

Now you have less excuses than ever to take your iPhone out into the middle of nowhere and take some photos. Feel free to share them here in the comments and also tell me what favorite apps you have that I don’t already know about. And don’t forget to download Best Camera as well, but knowing how well Chase marketed it, you probably already have that one.