“Funds in Focus” For Great Smokies

Photo by © Bill Lea.

Photo by © Bill Lea.

Following the wildfires that caused widespread damage in the Great Smoky Mountains and communities surrounding Gatlinburg, Tennessee, earlier this month, recovery efforts are underway and the Great Smoky Mountains Association has launched a fundraising campaign to help. For more information about the “Funds in Focus” campaign and to contribute, see below for the campaign’s press release.


Knoxville, TN – December 12, 2016

A campaign entitled “Funds in Focus” has been established for the Great Smoky Mountains Association (GSMA) to raise money from nature photographers. Initiated by east Tennessee photographers Steve Zigler, Bill Lea, and Dan Thompson, the campaign aims to raise $50,000. Contributions to the campaign will aid recovery efforts managed by GSMA.

“The images of the devastating wildfires in the Smokies and the surrounding communities were overwhelming,” explains Zigler. “Our friends and colleagues in the nature photography community in east Tennessee and across the country were quick to ask, how can I help?” In cooperation with the GSMA, the end result is the “Funds in Focus: Nature Photographers Support the Smokies” campaign.

Each year, the beautiful scenery and wildlife of the Great Smoky Mountains National park attracts nature photographers from around the world. Perhaps more than anyone, nature photographers understand the extraordinary gift that the Smokies represent. “This is our chance to give back to an area that gives so much to the nature photography community,” continues Lea. “Whether it’s a beautiful sunrise in Cades Cove, a light drizzle on the Roaring Fork, or a sunset at Clingmans Dome, we know how special this place is.”

Within less than a week, the campaign has secured donations over $1000 for GSMA. “This is a fantastic start,” exclaims Thompson, “but we still have work to do.” Contributions raised by the campaign will be managed by the GSMA through existing programs focused on recovery efforts. “We are very excited to help the GSMA and their recovery efforts for victims of the disaster.”

The trio encourages all nature photographers and supporters to donate and to share information about the campaign with others. As the area begins to heal and recover, we hope this campaign can make a difference. Only through widespread distribution of this message can we reach our ambitious goal!

To make a contribution, visit the campaign at this link: https://donate.constantcontact.com/lp/pages/8932d55e-2fd5-4581-9eed-3f5bd2922a32

For more information about the GSMA’s recovery efforts, visit: http://www.smokiesinformation.org

About The “Funds In Focus” Campaign For Nature Photographers

Funds in Focus is a unique fundraising campaign initiated by east Tennessee photographers Steve Zigler, Bill Lea, and Dan Thompson in cooperation with the Great Smoky Mountains Association (GSMA). Contributions to the campaign are managed by the GSMA to aid recovery efforts for victims of wildfires that swept through the Smokies, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge areas of east Tennessee.