Go Wide Assignment Winner Bob Larson

Photo By Bob Larson

Photo By Bob Larson

Congratulations to Bob Larson for winning the Go Wide Assignment with his image, “Wild Wood.”

“The photo was taken at Watson Lake Riparian Preserve in Prescott, Arizona,” writes Larson. “The Preserve has the distinction of being one of my favorite, and most hated, places to shoot. The area is filled with gorgeous scenic marshes and ponds, but during the summer months it’s also filled with a wide variety of snakes! One of those places where you see the floor ‘move.’ This shot, thankfully was taken in one of the winter months, February, and I was able to move freely along the shorelines with no ‘movement’ to distract.

“I originally took to shooting the overarching tree branches from the side, catching their reflection crawling out over the pond, but the closer I got to the branches, the more I was certain of what I thought would be a better shot, inside the branches looking out across the pond to the last of the sun painting the trees on the opposite side. The problem was that the thicket of tangled roots, foliage and smaller trees in front of the outcropping would make it difficult to provide the view I wanted. The solution was to climb into the thicket and lean in between the branches’ sturdy foundation using a wide angle lens and holding the camera just out above the water; the standard tele zoom I was using would have cut off a good portion of broad, sweeping branches. One of the interesting things about the photo is that the water in this area comes and goes throughout the year; after an extended dry spell of late this shot is no longer possible as the water is completely gone now, nothing but dirt and weeds where the pond used to be.”

Equipment & Settings: Canon T2i, Sigma 10-20mm at ƒ/10, 1/15 sec., ISO 100.

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