Great Outdoors 2020 Photo Contest Finalists

We received over 1,000 entries to our Great Outdoors 2020 photo contest, capturing unique natural phenomena, dramatic, sweeping vistas and intimate portraits of wildlife.

We will be announcing the winners soon. Here we’re pleased to share a slideshow of the 30 finalist images.

"American Bullfrog Sitting on Pine Needles" by Lori A. Cash


While at the Norfolk Botanical Garden in on a late summer morning in 2020, I went to a local pond area where American bullfrogs hang out in the water. On this particular morning, I found this bullfrog sitting outside the pond on pine needles looking out towards the pond. With my camera and lens in hand, I quietly moved around to the other side of the pond where the bullfrog was sitting and then got down on the ground. I laid flat on the ground and held my camera and lens in my hands and placed the back of my left hand, which was holding my lens, on the ground for stability since I was in very low light conditions. Photographing the bullfrog sitting on the pine needles and then being able to blur the background gave me this very unique image of the American bullfrog.