Gura Gear Is Now Tamrac And Just Announced New Line Of Backpacks

Tamrac G32

Tamrac G32

Great news for wildlife photographers and other long-lens aficionados, Gura Gear and Tamrac have consolidated to form the new Tamrac brand and released two G Elite backpacks. Designed for pro DSLRs and long lenses or medium-format systems, the G32 and G26 are reminiscent of Gura Gear’s Kiboko and Bataflae designs and feature butterfly flaps for easy access. The G32 can accommodate up to an attached 500mm lens or detached 800mm lens, while the G26 maxes out with a 500mm lens. Rugged and lightweight, both come with a lifetime guarantee of “If it’s broke, we’ll fix it or replace it.” Available in Charcoal or Dark Olive, the bags are currently available for pre-order and are slated to ship the second week of December.


$429.95 (G 32)

$379.95 (G 26)

Learn more about the consolidation of the two brands in the full press release below:

Premium Maker Of Gura Gear Bags And Owner Of Tamrac To Consolidate Brands And Introduce Lifetime Guarantee With Introduction Of New G Elite Bags

12 November, 2015 – Ogden, Utah USA – GuraGear, LLC owner of Gura Gear and Tamrac is consolidating the brands as TAMRAC®. In 2014, Gura Gear acquired the assets of Tamrac, Inc., an industry leader in camera bags. “Our goal was not simply to fix TAMRAC, but to take what we do well with Gura Gear and do it bigger and better,” says CEO Gregory Schern. “We’ve injected the best of Gura Gear in to TAMRAC and the line is now blurred. It’s time to focus with one brand, one vision, and one message. We are proud of what we’ve built with the new TAMRAC.” Since the acquisition, TAMRAC has introduced dozens of new products that build upon the vision for lightweight, innovative, well-crafted products. The timing for the brand consolidation coincides with what would have been the next generation of Gura Gear bags. The new G Elite series will be the first premium products within the TAMRAC family built on Gura Gear DNA. The new G32 and G26 backpacks take everything that made the previous Kiboko and Bataflae bags great, and utilizes new materials reinforced with the world’s strongest fiber, Dyneema®. “Bottom line, they are tough, open like a butterfly, look amazing, and remain lightweight while swallowing gear,” says Vice President Sarah Hamilton.

In addition to the consolidation of brands, TAMRAC’s newest products including the G Elite series will be covered by a lifetime guarantee. CEO Schern says, “we’ve spent the last year designing great products that are built to a high standard, with materials designed to last. It makes sense that we should back that work up with an industry leading lifetime guarantee. Quite simply, ‘if it’s broke, we’ll fix it or replace it’.”

The new G-Elite series will begin shipping in November in most markets.