Hasselblad Announces WiFi Enabled H5D-50c Camera

Earlier this year Hasselblad launched the H5D-50c digital medium format camera using Sony’s 50-megapixel CMOS sensor. Now the company is already announcing an updated camera, adding WiFi capability to control and view images from a smart device. Other updates include a 50 capture per minute speed increase, an extended exposure time to 34 minutes and the ability to use film magazines.

Check out the full press release below for all update details:

Hasselblad announces Wi-Fi enabled H5D-50c camera

Hasselblad is set to showcase prototypes of its brand new H5D-50c Wi-Fi medium format camera at photokina (Hall 02.1: Stands A021 – B020)

The new model – a feature-rich upgrade to the H5D-50c CMOS unit launched earlier this year – provides photographers with more freedom than ever before, thanks to an innovative Wi-Fi module.

Hasselblad H5D-50c with Wi-Fi

Hasselblad H5D-50c with Wi-Fi

The H5D-50c with Wi-Fi makes it possible for users to fully control the camera and browse/ view images on iPhone/iPad on location via Phocus Mobile software, without the need for a computer. It also features a ‘Live View’ function, allowing photographers to see and zoom in on a live image on the rear LCD even when the camera is untethered.

The new model will be available first in Europe at the end of November and will retail at €21,400 excl. tax.

Michele Channer, Hasselblad International Sales Director said: “When we launched the new H5D-50c CMOS camera earlier this year we promised photographers ultimate image quality, regardless of lighting conditions. Now we have developed a unique Wi-Fi upgrade for this ca- mera enabling photographers to work unplugged but still very much connected.”

She added: “Now users can enjoy total freedom – direct camera control and image browsing, without a computer in sight. Our innovative ‘Live View’ functionality is another first for us. Pre- viously photographers could not directly see at the back what they could see through the lens.

And of course this new model boasts all the functionality of its sibling, including a 50Mpixel CMOS sensor and excellent high ISO performance at up to ISO 6400.”

New features on the H5D-50c with Wi-Fi include:

Wi-Fi: Control the camera and browse/ view images on iPhone or iPad, even on location.
Live View: See a live image on the rear LCD even when the camera is untethered.
Capture rate: The capture rate now enables 50 captures per minute.

Longest exposure time: The longest shutter speed is now 34 minutes. And no extra black exposure is necessary.
Film: Now you can use film magazines on the H5D-50c.
Spirit level: Employ the built-in electronic spirit level even in tethered mode.
Display modes: Select different display modes even when the camera is tethered.
ISO and White Balance: Settings now available on viewfinder display.

Between January and March 2015 Hasselblad is offering photographers the opportunity to up- grade their H5D-50c model for the new Wi-Fi version for €500.

All new features (except Wi-Fi) will be available to H5D-50c and CFV-50c owners as a firmware upgrade shortly after the photokina trade show event.

More information at www.hasselblad.com