Houston, Where are You?

The Umbrella Mass Yang Shao China by Jay Goodrich

The Umbrella Mass Yang Shao China © Jay Goodrich

Well I have been a little lost lately, not by choice, but by work. I am finally home. Finally in the office, although I feel like I am now skipping across the atmosphere. Whenever I return from an extended travel schedule I tend to go through what I have come to call ” the re-entry”. Re-entry into reality. Re-entry into everyday life, of sick kids, angry wife, under exercised dog, of long forgotten e-mails, submissions, questions, bills, oh boy the blood pressure is already starting to rise. Sometimes the re-entry process is a piece of cake, although, I think I can count those easy times on one hand.

Through all of this I have been managing to post a ton of new work over on my blog. I have written about all of my emotions that rose to the surface during 17 days of travel in China. If you have read my posts here regarding my struggle between choosing Nikon or Canon; you can now read about the success of Canon’s weather seals on their pro level cameras and lenses from my first hand account of dunking my brand new 1D and 70-200 into Lake Crescent during a workshop.

The office barely sleeps when I return from long trips, mainly because my clock is so jet-lagged that I only sleep for a couple of hours. While the rest of the world is sleeping new ideas come to mind, so many, the tiny post-its, slips of scrap paper, and notebooks begin to overflow. We are working on editing close to 20,000 new images that I have created since the beginning of the year–those are the edited keepers, a new film interview about how important the world of skiing is and why, and some interesting book projects that are in the developments stages. Like the line from the movie Men in Black, “The twins keep us on Centaurian time, standard thirty-seven hour day. Give it a few months. You’ll get used to it… or you’ll have a psychotic episode.” I may be having one right now?