Hoya Solas Infrared Neutral Density Filters Available In USA

Hoya has a new, exclusive to U.S. customers, line of  Solas infrared neutral density filters.

Hoya has a new, exclusive to U.S. customers, line of  Solas infrared neutral density filters. According to Hoya, the Solas filters offer consistent color balance while suppressing infrared. This should result in balanced images with reduced infrared contamination, such as digital artifacts and color shifts.

For more details and filters sizes check out the press release below.


October 4th, 2016 – Huntington Beach, CA – HOYA USA introduces SOLAS, a new series of IRND (Infrared Neutral Density) filters for photo and cinema cameras. Through the use of advanced materials and precision Japanese manufacturing the SOLAS series maintains neutral color transmission throughout the 1 to 10 stop density range while suppressing infrared contamination.

Hoya understands that today’s digital sensors are increasingly sensitive to all forms of light making it necessary to use neutral density filters to create the desired creative effect during exposure. Using a ND filter that maintains a consistent color balance throughout the density range is critical to the post-production process, saving time and money for photographers and cinematographers alike. The Solas series not only maintains a consistent color balance it also suppresses infrared radiation which often presents itself in the form of red noise or difficult to correct color-shift in the shadow areas of the exposed image.

Exclusive to the USA, the Solas IRND fitlers are available in the following densities and sizes
0.3 (1-stop) – 49mm ~ 82mm
0.6 (2-stop) – 49mm ~ 82mm
0.9 (3-stop) – 46mm ~ 82mm
1.2 (4-stop) – 49mm ~ 82mm
1.5 (5-stop) – 49mm ~ 82mm
1.8 (6-stop) – 46mm ~ 82mm
2.7 (9-stop) – 49mm ~ 82mm
3.0 (10-stop) – 46mm ~ 82mm

Retail Pricing starts at $48.90 and are available in stores now.

HOYA Filter USA, a division of Kenko Tokina Co. Ltd, is part of an optical glass manufacturing tradition that dates back over 75 years. Hoya Filter is a world leader in high-quality consumer and industrial filters products. For more information about Solas IRND filters please visit www.kenkotokinausa.com