Humpback Whale Breach 106

Humpback Whale Breach 106, Frederick Sound, Alaska

As I have previously mentioned, I will be editing my new humpback whale breaching images for months to come.  This is another graceful breach from the incredibly cooperative whale that I photographed last month in Frederick Sound.  This young whale repeatedly displayed its enthusiasm for the warm sun, good eating, close friends, and nearby photographer for almost 2 hours.  I could not capture every breach perfectly, but I am pleased with how many of the sequences yielded surprising images.  Take this one for instance.  It is not the boldest breach ever, but I like the gentle angle, perfect composition, and delicate twist of water emanating from its pectoral fin.  It just looks like a happy whale.

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    Amazing shot! I tried photographing whales in Alaska and realized how difficult it could be, with the rocking boat, and not so ideal weather conditions, such as rain all contributing to the difficulty. It’s also hard to look for a whale that breaches, as most of the time they only do a tail flip.

    Just wondering, were you in a private passenger boat when you took your whale shots?

    Thanks and have a nice day! 🙂

    gnohz-You understand perfectly how difficult it is to capture a breaching humpback whale image. I own my own 22′ boat & 12′ inflatable that I have been using to document SE Alaska. My new breaching images came about after having dedicated 4 partial summers of my life to photographing the Inside Passage. Good luck on your next attempt!

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