In the Field–Mount Baker Backcountry

Point of View (POV) cameras are growing extremely fast in their popularity. They are lightweight and give the viewer a unique perspective into an otherwise hard to access location. This week I am using the footage that friend and ski athlete Mark Kogelmann captured during a photo shoot in the backcountry near the Mount Baker Ski Area here in Washington State. This short film highlights how we work to inevitably get the shot in not so safe conditions. Let me know what you think. Are you game to join me up there in path of those avalanches? Maybe not, but I can now bring you there thanks to this growing technology.


    Jay — that is awesome. I think I”ll leave the dangerous stuff to you. Great images and I love the final two. Make some turns for me. I’m an old hard core skiier with too many neck injuries to keep it up.


    Great footage Jay. I love these helmet cams -they open up a whole new world of possibilities. A friend took one on a recent cycle trip through the Rockies and the shots droping down the passes were amazing. Nothing quite like POV HD!

    Hey Jerry it is definitely a super cool perspective to look at things. If you get a moment head over to my Vimeo Channel and check out an HD POV film by athlete Andrew Whiteford. There is the craziest cliff drop that I have ever seen about half way through the film. Have a great weekend.

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