Induro Educates Buyers With Video News Series

Designed to help photographers with equipment choices

Elmsford NY, January 6, 2010 — When photographers set out to buy a piece of photographic equipment, the first thing they do is go to Google, Bing or other search engines to do their homework. What manufacturer? How big? How much will it hold? How heavy is it?
Many photographers do a great deal of research before making a purchase. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could help? Well, leading tripod maker Induro is doing just that by sharing educational information, publishing an informative blog and producing a new series of video news stories.  Many photographers feel it goes a long way toward helping them make a smart decision.
“We have found that by sharing knowledge, publishing video news stories and designing an enhanced website, we can effectively reach users who are looking for information,“ says Induro Product Marketing Manager, Jeff Karp. “Most photographers fit into a few, logical categories. Induro offers a full range of tripods from compact 0-series up to 4-series models that extend to over 6 feet! For a typical pro using a DSLR and 80-200mm lens that weighs about six or seven pounds, our new 2-Series Carbon Fiber (CT213/CT214) or Aluminum Alloy (AT213/AT214) tripod is a perfect fit. All you need to add is a high quality head like the Induro BHD-2 ballhead, and you’re ready for your next assignment.”
For the newest generation of Induro products, the U.S. design team looked at every aspect of the product line and came up with new designs from top to bottom. They started with the spider – the heart of any tripod – and designed it with a wider stance, reinforced cross braces and manufactured it out of high strength, lightweight Magnesium alloy. Ergonomic leg locks, oversized center column lock and enhanced leg angle locks all contribute to a tripod system with measurably greater stability, rigidity and higher load capacity. And the innovative dust and moisture-resistant seals assure reliable performance in virtually any environment.
“For budget-conscious photographers,” continues Karp, “who aren’t willing to sacrifice quality, we have our best-selling Adventure AKB Series tripod kits. These well-thought out kits come complete with a high quality Magnesium and Aluminum alloy tripod, matched single-action ballhead with quick release plate and carrying bag with strap. The series comes with a grooved center column that can be inverted for low-angle work and unique quick lock legs that make setting up and taking down a breeze.”
Tripods are a necessity and every professional or enthusiast needs one to help produce better images. Today’s cameras may have sensors that can shoot at high ISO’s and image stabilization systems, but any knowledgeable photographer will tell you how a tripod helps deliver better images, especially in low light or in situations where careful composition is necessary.
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