Innova Art Ltd. Announces Price Reduction

Lower Prices for FibaPrint Photo Paper

Innova is announcing a significant price reduction for its award winning Fiba-Print® range of papers. This is made possible by the increased production volume, combined with streamlined manufacturing costs and other synergies, “Our goal is to make the best papers on the market affordable, for both serious pros and photo enthusiasts. Two years ago Innova launched the FibaPrint® White Gloss (f-type),” explains Wayne Connelly, President, Innova US.  “This was the first product in the market with the true look and feel of a dark room fiber-based paper. This was a technical breakthrough at its release, and over time, we’ve improved production techniques, increased volume and lowered production costs; and therefore we are passing along those benefits, making the product more affordable for the end user.”

“In the development these products, we listened to the market and engineered the papers to meet the needs of professional photographers,” concludes Connelly. “We developed the most complete range of surfaces to emulate the traditional fiber based photo paper selection. We are confident this lower pricing model will provide a new generation of photographers greater access to the superior quality of the Innova papers. For our existing customers, this pricing provides a great incentive to continue their commitment to the brand.”

The FibaPrint® Range has won TIPA and DIMA awards and consists of the following products:

FibaPrint® White Gloss 300g/m2   
FibaPrint® Warmtone Gloss 300g/m2   
FibaPrint® White Matte 280g/m2
FibaPrint® White Semi-Matte 300g/m2
FibaPrint® White Gloss 300g/m2   
FibaPrint® Ultra Smooth Gloss 285g/m2   

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