Introducing Image Creators Network

We’re excited to announce that Madavor Media, publisher of Outdoor Photographer, has just launched Image Creators Network, a new website that connects you to the latest trends and technology in the art of imaging.

At Image Creators Network, you’ll find the latest articles from Outdoor Photographer, as well as our sister publications Imaging Resource, Digital Photo, Digital Photo Pro and HDVideoPro.

From gear news and reviews at Imaging Resource, to quick tips and photography trends at Digital Photo, professional advice and techniques at Digital Photo Pro, and cutting-edge cinema and video tech at HDVideoPro, Image Creators Network presents the world of photo and video today in a comprehensive collection.

You’ll also find easy access to our current photography contests, as well as videos that present gear reviews and technology concepts in a “hands-on” format.

We hope that Image Creators Network will help you discover inspiration, tools and insights to improve your photography!