iPhone + Instagram Assignment Winner Jeff Sullivan

Photo by Jeff Sullivan

Photo by Jeff Sullivan

Congratulations to Jeff Sullivan for winning the iPhone + Instagram Assignment!

“While on a 3,500-mile lap of the Western United States and Canada, I came across this scene one morning in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park, and it was unique and compelling enough that I had to pull over and capture it,” explains Sullivan. “Single exposures shot into the sun tend to result in a large, blown out blob of white around the sun, so I set the iPhone’s HDR mode to ‘on’ to recover highlight detail.  You can just make out the outline of the sun.  I saved the file to my laptop and used Adobe Lightroom to further adjust brightness and contrast. The image was captured at 7:54 a.m. on Tangled Creek, which flows out of Hot Lake on Firehole Lake Drive.  It’s a square crop into the iPhone 5S field of view equivalent to a 39mm lens on a 35mm camera. It’s good that I was able to capture this at all, since my SUV suffered a catastrophic failure a few day later, between Yellowstone and Salt Lake City.  Upon returning from the trip, I upgraded to an iPhone 6S+, so I can’t wait to see how an iPhone with two years additional development will perform!

Equipment & Settings: iPhone 5S, 1/3200 sec. at f/2.2, ISO 32

You can see more of Jeff Sullivan’s work on Instagram