Keeping it Simple with a new Photo Tips Website.

Misty sunrise on East Inlet, Pittsburg, New Hampshire. Connecticut River Headwaters region.

Keeping things simple is a mantra of many outdoor photographers. Simplicity in a photo focuses the viewer’s attention on what the photographer feels is important in a scene, with simple lines and shapes combined with good light usually resulting in a better photograph than one that tries to take in everything in front of the camera. When I teach photography, I certainly teach simplicity in regards to composition, but I also believe in keeping the instruction simple as well. I was once a software engineer and have no problem getting into the nitty gritty of the technical details of making photos, but I find that all that tech-speak can get in the way of teaching someone how to see and make a beautiful image. Instead I like to teach the basics of exposure, composition, and light, and encourage photographers to focus more on getting in tune with their subject and finding their passion in making photos.

It’s in this spirit, that I’ve put together a new website,, where I’ll be posting a new video each week with tips that I think can really help beginning and intermediate outdoor photographers find their way. I’m also posting non-video tips on field techniques as well basic post-processing, and several other photographers will be posting tips as well. I’ve also connected a Flickr group to the site so visitors can share their photos. If this sounds interesting to you, check out my welcome video below and spread the word. Thanks!