Landscape Photography App

Rob Sheppard’s Digital Landscape —

I have long been interested in how new technology can affect what we do with photography (though I admit I was a latecomer to Facebook). There are so many possibilities, though sometimes many possibilities is not good. Too many choices!

I have completed my first app with Juan Pons. It is Rob Sheppard’s Digital Landscape — The Magic of Landscape Photography. Juan did the first part of the title and that is what you look for at the Apple App Store – search for Rob Sheppard and this will come up. This is an app designed to be an easy and quick guide to better landscape photography. It certainly does distill many of the things I have learned in over 30 years as a photographer and in my time as editor of Outdoor Photographer magazine. It is in many ways a supplement to my book, The Magic of Digital Landscape Photography.

I am proud of the photos and the information in the app, but it was definitely a learning experience. The use of new platforms such as the iPad and the iPhone as technology for delivering photos is still new for most of us. I think we will all be doing some learning along the way.

The app is only $2.99 at the Apple App Store (accessed through iTunes or from your iPad — the app works with it). It includes a lot of how-to ideas from using clouds to composition to specific information about specific landscapes, such as photographing mountains. And there are photos to illustrate.