Last Frame: April 2016

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“Panic On Titanic” By Verdon Tomajko

As seen in the Last Frame section of the April 2016 issue:

An Electrifying Encounter

On a stormy afternoon in July, Verdon Tomajko traveled to Mount Evans, one of the 14,000-foot mountain peaks in Colorado, where he came across some baby goats playing. “Soon the lightning started,” he recalls, “and the baby goats started to get very anxious, running and jumping over the rocks, and over each other, with nervous energy from the incoming storm. Despite the potentially hazardous conditions, I wanted to keep shooting, waiting to get this perfect shot with the goats pausing on a rock, and a lightning strike in the background. You can see the hair on the goats standing up from the electricity in the air. I kept shooting until my hair was standing up on end and the sky was nearly dark. I love to capture behaviors and personalities of wildlife, and this was one of the best shooting opportunities that I’ve had.” To see more of Verdon Tomajko’s work, visit

Equipment & Settings: Canon EOS 1DX, Canon EF 100-400mm ƒ/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens, B+W Haze filter, 1/640 sec. at ƒ/6.3, aperture priority 0 ev; ISO 500, handheld