Last Frame: Lion Around

Photo By Elie Wolf

“On a beautiful morning in June of 2019, my guide and friend Wilson pulled the safari rover up near the base of a kopje in Serengeti National Park,” recalls Elie Wolf. “Roughly 30 feet from the base of these pride rocks, stationed between and underneath the shade of two trees, was a magnificent lioness and her cubs.

“We sat for a long time watching the cubs frolic with each other and then move about to explore the rocks, venturing away from their mum. Yet there was one cub who tended to stay close to her, still wanting to feed and cuddle. Even when his siblings returned, I kept my camera trained on him and of all the adorable things he did that morning, and there was the instant he did this—dropped his paw over the log and rested his head. I knew I’d never forget that moment and the privilege of witnessing this special family of lions.”

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Nikon Coolpix P1000 at 2200mm (equivalent). Exposure: 1/320 sec., ƒ/7.1, ISO 400.