Last Frame: Say Cheese!


As seen in the Last Frame section of the January/February 2016 issue:

Vadim Trunov of Voronezh, Russia, went a little nutty in his attempt to capture images of squirrels in the woods near his town. “There’s little food available in winter in the woods,” he explains, “and for nuts, squirrels are ready to do anything. I noticed that squirrels are very curious animals. They sniff and inspect foreign objects, hoping to find food there. So, at the place where I put nuts, I set the camera on a small tripod. The squirrels ran to the place in the hope of finding nuts, noticed the camera and began to inspect it and sniff. I went a few meters away, hid behind a snowdrift and started taking pictures. I received an interesting series of images with the squirrels in the winter woods.”

To see more of Vadim Trunov’s work, visit his website at and check him out on 500px.