Lazy Summer Days Assignment Winner Gerry Groeber

'TheField' by Gerry Groeber

“The Field” by Gerry Groeber

Congrats to Gerry Groeber for winning the Lazy Summer Days Assignment!

“I originally set out to capture the setting sun in line with the rows of a cornfield in June 2014. I had scoped out this location in Mesa, AZ, several day before. When the clouds were right, I drove to the location, but was bummed the rows ran north-south not east-west. As the sun set, the clouds really came alive. I buried myself deep in the field, set a low vantage point and waited for the color. This image was shot in RAW and edited in Lightroom 4,” says Groeber.

Equipment: Nikon D3100, AF-S Nikkor 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED, Manfrotto tripod, cable release.