Learn Night Photography Techniques For Free Next Week

Night photography in Joshua Tree National Park. Photo by Wes Pitts.

Nighttime landscape in Joshua Tree National Park. Photo by Wes Pitts.

Night photography has been growing in popularity in recent years, especially with the increasingly high-quality, low-noise images that many cameras are now capable of producing during long exposures. Our upcoming November issue will feature stunning night photography by Shane Black and Glenn Randall, plus a review of the Nikon D500, an excellent camera for night work, by Tony Rowell, whose work we recently featured in “Night Fantastic.”

Last spring, OP editor Wes Pitts attended a night photography workshop conducted by Jason Bradley in Joshua Tree, and as he discovered, it’s actually pretty easy to get good results with a few key pieces of gear and a camera that does well at higher ISOs and long exposures.

If you’re interested in learning how to capture brilliant images of landscapes and night skies, an upcoming series of classes at CreativeLive, Night Photography Week, is free if you register and watch the classes live, or you can purchase on-demand access to the course and learn at your own pace.