Macphun And Trey Ratcliff Announce Aurora HDR

aurora hdr

San Diego, CA November 9 th , 2015 Macphun Software, a leading innovative photography app developer with over 30 million users worldwide, and Trey Ratcliff, the world’s preeminent HDR photographer with over 9 million fans today announce the launch of their codeveloped photo editing software, Aurora HDR.

Designed exclusively for the Mac platform, Aurora HDR combines Macphun’s proprietary image processing and software development experience, with Trey’s HDR expertise and passion. His images have been viewed on the Internet over 115 billion times.

“Aurora HDR is like no software I’ve ever used and I think it’s gonna blow people’s minds,” commented Trey Ratcliff, founder of “Over the past 10 years I’ve been trying to find the ultimate HDR software, and it wasn’t until Macphun came along in this amazing partnership that I was able to finally build my own. You can go from mild to extreme HDR, add special glow, use layers, and — even better — you don’t even need Lightroom or Photoshop!”

The Key Benefits of Aurora HDR

Revolutionary HDR algorithms make possible the entire spectrum of HDR looks, from natural to highly stylized.

Total HDR editing experience with the most complete set of tools available.

Powerful one-click presets, including Signature Pro presets by Trey Ratcliff, yield fantastic results instantly.

Layers, masking and brushes provide the ultimate in selective editing.

Unique Radiance controls and custom texture blending for creative versatility.

Detail enhancement to increase drama in images.

Extensive color and toning controls for vibrant color combinations.

Approachable user interface makes for a comfortable, understandable experience.

Built-in sharing supports popular photo communities and social networks.

RAW, JPG, TIFF and other popular files support for the greatest flexibility.

Workflow tailored to any style with support for using as a standalone app or as a plugin to popular host applications.

What is HDR?

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is a popular photographic technique designed to overcome the limitations of image sensors in digital photographs. This process utilizes multiple exposures of the same subject, each shot at different exposure values (“brackets”). Those are then automatically merged into a single shot which encompasses a greater exposure range.

Pricing and Availability:

Aurora HDR is available either as a standard version through the Mac App Store, or a pro version direct from or

Customers can preorder the Pro version starting on the 9th of November. Both versions of Aurora HDR — standard and Pro — will be available beginning November 19. The standard version of Aurora HDR will launch worldwide via the Mac App Store at an introductory price of $39.99 (normally $49.99). Aurora HDR Pro will be available direct from and at a discounted price of $89.99 (normal SRP $99.99).