Mamiya Leaf Announces Leaf Credo 50

Mamiya Leaf has announced the new Leaf Credo 50. Using the Sony 50 megapixel CMOS sensor system combine with an improved image processor, the Leaf Credo 50 offers improved Live View performance with selective focus on the 3.2-inch LCD touch screen display or a computer monitor with CaptureOne software. The ISO ranges from 100-6400 and the camera shoots images from 1.2 frames per second up to hour long exposures for full creative freedom. It also provides a 14-stop dynamic range with 14-bit RAW files.

The Leaf Credo 50 will be available mid-September at $26,995 for the digital back or $30,995 for the full system.

Check out the official press release with photographer’s testimonials and videos below:

Mamiya Leaf Announces the Leaf Credo 50 —
A New CMOS-based Medium Format Camera System

Legendary Leaf Colors Dazzle At a Wider Range of ISO Settings

Mamiya Leaf Credo 50

Mamiya Leaf Credo 50

TEL AVIV, September 8, 2014 — Fourteen years since the CMOS-based 6MP Leaf C-MOST digital back was announced at Photokina 2000, Mamiya Leaf today introduced the Credo 50, a 50 megapixel CMOS-based system that gives photographers a wider range of settings — from ISO 100 to ISO 6400 — for greater versatility and higher performance in capturing legendary Leaf colors under a variety of shooting conditions, including available light.

“The Leaf Credo 50 simply gives photographers more options,” said Ziv Argov, Vice President, Mamiya Leaf.  “Its Sony 50 MP CMOS sensor enables full-resolution image captures up to ISO 6400. Its new image processor improves Live View performance and data flow, while expanding dynamic range to 14-stops. For wedding, portrait, fashion and action shooting, this system delivers.”

— Live View — The Leaf Credo 50 supports incredibly fluid high-quality live view for exact composition as well as more accurate and selective focusing, whether it is done on the digital back’s LCD, or on a computer monitor through Capture One software.
— Compelling, Clean Color Rendition — 50 MP resolution
— Very Long Exposures — up to One hour
— Giant Touch Screen —  3.2” display at 1.15 megapixel resolution
— 14 f-stops dynamic range — one shot captures retain amazing details in highlights and shadows
— Enhanced Image Processor — faster and cleaner Live View, 2.3 GB Data Flow, 1.2 frames per second capture rate and faster read/write speeds.

Full specifications are available at:

So what’s it like shooting with the Leaf Credo 50?
Three photographers who’ve tested the system share their experiences.

“Leaf has always been known for its film-like color, which is true,” said Cameron Davidson, aerial photographer. “With the new Leaf Credo 50, I’m finding that I can shoot a high-contrast situation and hold details in both shadows and sunlight. For aerials, I’m always facing these issues, shooting in low light and the Leaf Credo 50 is ideal for this work.”

“The better the camera, the more options you get,” said fashion photographer Frank Doorhof. “The new Leaf Credo 50 is a system that’s great to build on. You get incredible dynamic range, very good noise control, and a bright touch display on the back, so when you’re outside, you can easily see the images you’re shooting. You can shoot with natural light, tungsten, lightbulbs or candles — all with amazing quality.”

“For my project ‘New York Love Story’, I’m shooting the city from rooftops,” said Karsten Staiger, “The Leaf Credo 50 is an amazing piece of equipment. Its high dynamic range is very important for me. Plus the ISO can go up to 6400, and the new Live View is just incredible — I was able to zoom into the building, with a 300 mm lens, focus it and see people on the Empire State Building. It’s just incredible the details I’m getting!”

For those attending Photokina 2014 Exhibition, the new Leaf Credo 50 will be on display in Hall 04.1 at Stand B040 C048

Pricing and Availability
The Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 Digital back is priced at 26,995 USD / 19.995 EUR.  A Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 system is priced at 30,995 USD / 22.995 EUR.  There is a Wide-Spectrum back option for Near IR and UV imaging. The Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 may be ordered now through Mamiya Leaf partners world wide (  For existing Mamiya Leaf customers, attractive digital back and/or camera system upgrades are available. Shipping begins September 16, 2014.

The Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 comes with Capture One software for optimal capture, RAW image processing and image editing.

To schedule a hands-on demo of the Leaf Credo 50, please see this page:

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