Moonshot Assignment Winner Steve Shuey

Sunrise Near Ebbetts Pass by Steve Shuey

Sunrise Near Ebbetts Pass by Steve Shuey

Photographer Steve Shuey:

“This photo was taken in early August, 1994. There was a bit of pre-visualization to this shot and a bit of luck on two accounts which are explained below. No special processing involved after it was scanned, just removal of scan/dust artifacts and levels adjustments. Here is the story:

“Every year my family stays in Bear Valley, on the west side of Ebbetts pass, for a couple of weeks. I have always loved the outdoors and whenever I am up there I go explore the surrounding areas. On one of my explorations, before taking this photo, I had found this tree and had shot it during daytime and sunset. I had always thought it might look nice at night with some star trails or as a silhouette at sunrise and, since I like to put people in my landscapes, I thought that a silhouette of a person would work also. I had taken a workshop with Galen Rowell a couple years earlier and some of his ideas on pre-visualization still resonated with me (as they do today). I knew, however, that it could not be me due to the spacing of the composition. So, I was able to coax my brother Dave into getting up very early so we could drive to this place and give me time to set up.

“In addition to Dave being so nice, a couple of strokes of luck helped this photo immensely. First,the year before, a volcano erupted far from here but it put so much ash and particulates into the atmosphere that sunrises and sunsets were magical. I knew this and I had seen it so thought it would work great here. Secondly, I knew the composition I wanted but I had no idea the moon would be where it was at the time. When we got there I actually had to move faster than I thought in order to keep the moon high enough to make it look good. I tried many different compositions but this one was my favorite as it seemed the most balanced.”

Equipment: Nikon N90s, Fujifilm Velvia film, tripod.