Mpix New Boutique Packaging

Just in time for the holidays

Effective today, all Boutique Packaging orders will ship in our new classy cream boxes. Your prints come wrapped in French vanilla tissue paper for another layer of protection. Each package is wrapped with a rich chocolate brown grosgrain bow. Unlike the previous program, all packages will ship in boxes – no envelopes. The cost of the new packaging is $7.00.

* Applies only to prints and books that are 11×14” and below – this has not changed.

* New cream color box with chocolate brown bow

* Each order will be wrapped in an exclusive french vanilla tissue paper- this adds even more protection to your prints!

* All packages will ship in boxes. Envelopes will not be used for smaller packages!

* The interior of the box has a reinforced white finish

* This is higher quality packaging that will sell for $7.00 (current program is $5.00)

* Wallet boxes are included at no extra cost! For every 60 wallets you receive one box.

* Our older Boutique Packaging boxes are available for a limited time, by request only, for $7.00. This can only be included with your Print or Press order. To request the silver Boutique Packaging boxes, email [email protected] immediately after placing your order.