Mule GoPro Mount for MultiAngle Shooting

“One is good. Mule is better.”

Mule GoPro Mount

Mule GoPro Mount

As the tagline alludes, the magic of the Mule GoPro mount is its ability to mount two GoPro cameras using one slim mounting tool. Compatible with GoPro third party mounts and GoPro pivot arms, two cameras can be positioned at different angles and different directions providing integrated footage for fluid editing and overall storytelling.

The Mule can be set up on scuba equipment, surfboards, race cars, zip lines, or even used handheld.

It’s currently available at for $19.


Check out the Mule in action with a ‘Curious Squirrel’:


'Curious Squirrel' Mule Setup

‘Curious Squirrel’ Mule Setup