Fantastic images Jon. Breathtaking. Personal favourite, being an old underwater nut, would be the Salmon shot. Love the angle and the water surface perspective and lighting. They are all great though. Congratulations.

    Phil G.

    All right then! Thanks for “voting” the salmon image seems to be the unofficial winner. That image is pretty unique, if I do say so. I am going to go with the breaching humpback whale. There are lots of breaching images, but what I think makes this image special is the moment that I captured was early in the breach as the whale was just leaving the water. Usually, you catch the breach a moment later when the whale is in the air. I also worked very hard to position my boat on the outside of the whale so that I would have the pleasing mountains in the background.

    It is very interesting to me that people seem to be more and more interested in my wildlife photography over my landscape images. I have my theories about why that is, but hopefully it is not because my landscape photography is uninspiring?

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