New DxO Optics Pro 5.3.4 adds support for 7 new cameras

Includes Nikon D5000 and Canon 500D

dxo opticsParis, France – June 10, 2009 – DxO Labs is pleased to announce the release of its new DxO Optics Pro version 5.3.4, which supports the two latest models from Canon and Nikon — the EOS 500D (Digital Rebel T1i or Kiss Digital X3) and the D5000, respectively. These two new cameras have generated a lot of attention among photo enthusiasts.

Along with the new Nikon and Canon cameras, DxO Optics Pro 5.3.4 supports five additional models among the ones most frequently asked about by our customers — the Fuji S100FS, Pentax K-m, and Pentax K200, Sony A200 and Sony A300.

With these seven new models DxO Optics Pro 5.3.4 adds 155 new DxO Optics Correction Modules and now supports more than 1,400 camera body/lens combinations!

The release of DxO Optics Pro 5.3.4 is accompanied by the publication of comprehensive RAW sensor data and DxOMark Sensor rankings for the Canon EOS 500D and the Nikon D5000 on the website, along with reviews for both. As a bonus, an in-depth “Insight” article is also available online that analyzes the RAW sensor data for these two cameras as an example of how to use the database to make comparisons between sensor models.

“This new release of DxO Optics Pro 5.3.4 reflects our determination to provide the highest-quality RAW image processing support for new camera models just as soon as we possibly can, as well as our desire to listen to our customers about the cameras and lenses they want us to support,” said Cyrille de La Chesnais, Director Sales & Marketing, DxO Labs Consumer Business. “As a further demonstration of this commitment, our imaging scientists have gone the ‘extra mile’ to give the photographic community timely and in-depth RAW sensor data for these two cameras that have just appeared on the market,” he added.

DxO Optics Pro prices and availability

• DxO Optics Pro 5.3.4 Standard: $169 / 124 € ex VAT and sales taxes
• DxO Optics Pro 5.3.4 Elite: $299 / 249 € ex VAT and sales taxes

All customers who bought DxO Optics Pro since 1st August 2007 are entitled to a free upgrade to version 5.3.4. For other users:
• Upgrade to DxO Optics Pro 5.3.4 Standard: $95 / 69 € excl. VAT and sales taxes
• Upgrade to DxO Optics Pro 5.3.4 Elite: $125 / 89 € excl. VAT and sales taxes

Each DxO Optics Pro license includes a stand-alone application, an Adobe Photoshop plug-in and an Adobe Lightroom plug-in, and allows installation on two computers.

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Sponsored by DxO Labs, a company focusing on image processing technologies, is a free online resource that delivers key objective sensor performance metrics measured directly on the RAW image for a variety of cameras. As a result, makes it possible for the first time to assess the intrinsic quality of a camera before the impact of any RAW conversion and independent of its optics. The site also features a simple scale, DxOMark Sensor, for analyzing and comparing RAW image quality. The DxOMark Sensor scale is mapped to real-world photographic scenarios such as portrait, landscape, and action photography, ensuring that the scale is relevant to photographers.’s goal is to serve the imaging community, particularly the photo press. Photography journalists and experts can now complement their analyses and reviews with an objective evaluation of intrinsic camera performance, regardless of optics or processing considerations.
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