Notable Adobe Bridge CC Update Now Available


By now, your Creative Cloud app has alerted you to a Bridge CC update. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, here’s the scoop. Cache management now has both manual and automated options for compacting and purging the cache. If enabled, Bridge will compact the cache (as needed) when exiting Bridge and/or purge the cache at set intervals, such as every 30 days. Better cache management translates to improved thumbnail preview speed so you don’t have to wait until all the thumbnails are generated before you view and/or search assets. And, to make panorama and HDR asset management more efficient, Adobe has reinstated auto-stacking for pano and HDR images. And, bringing images into Bridge from mobile devices and digital cameras now has its own, quick-and-easy File>Import from Device function. You’ll find more details and sample screenshots on the Adobe blog. —Theano Nikitas