Panoramas Assignment Winner Harry Lichtman

Panoramas Assignment winner Harry Lichtman

Photo By Harry Lichtman

Congratulations to Harry Lichtman for winning the Panoramas Assignment with his image, “Autumn Above Assiniboine.” Lichtman is a landscape and outdoor photographer based in New Hampshire. This image was taken at Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

“During my time in Assiniboine Provincial Park, I tried to include the magnificent larch trees that dotted the alpine landscape,” explains Lichtman. “Late afternoon produced some dramatic backlighting from this perch and the trees appeared to glow. I made several trips to this rock outcrop in all types of weather, hoping the light would shine in my favor. The panorama is the result of two stitched images. To preserve the dynamic range, each of the stitched images was the result of two exposures manually blended.

“This image was selected as the Smithsonian’s 2015 Windland Smith Rice Award Winner in the Landscape Category,” Lichtman continued. “It will appear at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. at The Museum of Natural History in an exhibit through the fall of this year. The exhibit is called Nature’s Best.”

To see more of Harry Lichtman’s photography, visit his website at Lichtman has also won previous Outdoor Photographer Assignments, including the Winter Black And White Assignment and the Liquid Reflections Assignment. (Check out the latest photo assignment here!) He’s also contributed Behind The Shot stories to the OP Blog, including an interesting read on photographing Seljalandsfoss falls in Iceland and creating sun stars while photographing on Moat Mountain in his home state of New Hampshire. (To read more Behind The Shot stories, go here.)

Want to learn more about creating panoramas? Russ Burden shares some great tips in his Panorama Primer. Adam Woodworth also has a great tutorial on when and how to create panoramas of our home galaxy in his article, Photographing The Milky Way.