Penguin Paparazzi by David Schultz: Photo Of The Day

Penguin Paparazzi by David Schultz

Penguin Paparazzi by David Schultz

Today’s Photo of The Day comes from David Schultz and it was sent to the Your Favorite Places gallery. Schultz describes getting this picture on one of his photo expeditions to Antarctica, “I’ve visited my favorite place, Antarctica, nine times now and this was one of my most memorable experiences, photographing the land/icescape along with the wonderfully curious wildlife. After spending several hours on the ice this particular day I stopped shooting for a minute and backed away from my gear as a group of Emperor penguins approached. Again knowing how curious they are I figured there might be a chance to grab a fun shot and turned out to be better than I could have imagined.” He used a Nikon D2X, Nikon 200-400mm lens, and a Really Right Stuff BH44 ballhead on a Gitzo tripod.

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-Christopher Robinson, Editor
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