Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 8 Software

Phase One has added several features to the new Capture One Pro 8 software. Familiar tools such as Clone & Heal repair has been introduced, as well as local white balance adjustments. And the Film Grain tool captures the look of traditional film in digital format.

With Capture One Pro 8, Phase One has also introduced a subscription service to aid in update transitions in addition to the traditional software purchase option.

For full details, see the press release below:

Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 8
Unprecedented Raw Processing Power and More Freedom to Choose

COPENHAGEN, September 16, 2014 — Phase One today released version 8 of Capture One Pro, the imaging software preferred by hundreds of thousands of the world’s leading photographers. Capture One Pro is already renowned for outstanding RAW conversion quality, state-of-the-art tethered capture, powerful digital asset management, customizable workspace and extensive adjustment tools. Capture One Pro 8 now adds an unprecedented level of performance and control for the discerning photographer.

Capture One Pro 8, images by Kamil Tamiola

Capture One Pro 8, images by Kamil Tamiola

Capture One Pro 8 features a unique new Film Grain tool, based on a “deep dive” into the physics of the interaction between light and silver halide to emulate the effects from analogue film. Another new key feature is the Clone and Heal repair layers, which allows users to remove unwanted objects from images without degrading image quality or details. The Local Adjustment in Capture One Pro 8 offers extensive image control by supporting new features such as local white balance. Users coming from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture will find the transition easier with the migration tools offered. Many more new and enhanced features have been added to Capture One Pro 8. For new and improved features please go to:

For a look at Capture One Pro 8 in action, please go to:

“The features we have added in Capture One Pro 8 address the needs of the world’s most demanding photographers,” said Jeppe Skjerning, Product Manager, Phase One. “And we have invested heavily to ensure outstanding performance and reliability in Capture One Pro 8, so it fits seamlessly into a professional production environment.”

New Subscription Option
“The release of Capture One Pro 8 marks an exciting new era for us, our partners and for our customers,” said Jan H. Christiansen, Chief Marketing Officer, Phase One. “We have fine-tuned our development and go-to-market processes to be highly responsive, so if we see a need in the market, we can turn a release around in a short time to fulfill the need.

”With version 8, we have created an alternative to buying the software outright. Now photographers can choose to subscribe to Capture One Pro. For a modest recurring monthly fee, a subscription offers access to the latest and greatest of Capture One Pro, across minor and major updates.

“No matter if you buy or subscribe to Capture One Pro you always have full local control of your images and the enhancements you make to them; there is no cloud complexity with Capture One Pro.”

Pricing and Availability
Capture One Pro 8 is available now for the Mac and Windows operating systems online at and from Phase One authorized partners worldwide. New customers can obtain Capture One Pro 8 for 299 USD or 229 EUR. Owners of previous versions of Capture One Pro may upgrade for 99 USD or 69 EUR. For customers who have purchased Capture One Pro 7 since August 16, 2014, Phase One is offering a grace period, exempting them from the upgrade fee.

Subscriptions to Capture One Pro 8 are available now at As an introductory offer, a single-user subscription is available for 10 USD / 8 EUR per month for a 12 month plan. Other subscription options are available at

About Phase One
Phase One is the world’s leader in open-platform, high-end camera systems and solutions. Phase One cameras, digital backs and lenses are designed to deliver superior quality image capture and investment value. Phase One’s Capture One Pro and Media Pro software help streamline capture and post-production processes for both medium format and DSLR cameras. Phase One products are known for their quality, flexibility and speed enabling pro photographers shooting in a wide range of formats to achieve their creative visions without compromise.

Phase One is based in Copenhagen with offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Cologne, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tel Aviv. Phase One and Capture One are registered trademarks of Phase One A/S. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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