Photo Of The Day 10/10/2012

Wanaka Dreaming by Joshua Cripps

Joshua Cripps was awarded the People’s Choice Winner in the All About Light category of our recently concluded 3rd Annual Art Of Expression contest which was sponsored by Sony. That contest is over, but the galleries are still up. There’s a lot of great photography to be seen and you can also still watch the video tips that the Sony Artisans Of Imagery made for the contest (Cristina Mittermeier, Andy Katz, David McLain and Brian Smith each recorded a number of tips to for their respective categories).

The Wanaka Dreaming photo by Joshua Cripps was made at Lake Wanaka in New Zealand in Autumn. The tree is a famous one as Cripps describes, “How far would you go for a tree? I flew halfway around the world for one. If this seems crazy to you please realize that this is no ordinary tree. Nay, it’s the famous Wanaka Willow, quite possibly the coolest tree I’ve seen. It’s like a bonzai on steroids, with gracefully sculpted limbs and the most amazing location ever. Growing directly out of one of the most scenic lakes on the planet, this tree is worth traveling for. Especially in April when the willow’s golden Fall foliage shines brightly against Lake Wanaka’s deep blues.” That’s dedication!

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