Photo Of The Day 11/8/2012

The Grand Canyon by Jeff Rose

Places like the Grand Canyon are ideally-suited to side-light photography. Jeff Rose submitted this photograph to the new Sidelight Assignment and it’s today’s Photo Of The Day. The lighting reveals the structure and dimension of the Grand Canyon landscape while front light tends to flatten out a scene like this.

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    Beautiful picture Christopher. Can you please advise why all of your photo contests are restricted to US citizens and excludes Canadians? Not that I ever expect to win in a contest, it is just that I have been an avid reader of your Outdoor Photographer right from the beginning, having taken NYI’s course in the late 1970’s and eagerly stinking up the house with my darkroom for many years prior to adjusting to digital in 2007. I have been using Sony SLR system (still very much enjoying my A-100) and find the use of the “light-room” of Aperture suiting my general needs with the occasional artistic filter tweaks on Elements. I have submitted some pictures to the local photo clubs in years past and had my work critiqued along with fellow enthusiasts but would like to see if we could at least enter contests hosted by your magazine. What say you to this?

    Thank you – I really do enjoy the digital editions, both from a “Green” perspective but also find the shots on a computer screen give more punch than on the hard-copy page.

    Respectfully submitted

    Douglas Anderson – digital Subscriber from Calgary Alberta, Canada

    Thanks for your comments, Doug. Our lawyers have advised us on the topic of who can and cannot enter our contests. When I ask why, they give the legal version of “it’s technical”. Hopefully we’ll be able to open the contests up to more people in the future. In the meantime, you’re welcome to submit images to Assignments and Your Favorite Places. Those galleries are open to anyone, anywhere. -Christopher Robinson, Editor

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