Photo Of The day 8/17/2012

Snow Goose Taking Flight by Steve Perry

Steve Perry sent this photograph to the Birds Assignment which is open for submissions for a few more days. It caught my attention because of the beautiful backlight. I see a lot of photographs of birds in flight, but I seldom see this kind of well-done backlight where the subject becomes luminous. Perry describes how he took this photo, “I captured this image one sunny January evening at Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. The snow geese were there in force, and this little pond had a lot of activity going on. The birds were coming and going, trying to decide where to stay for the night and I was just happily snapping away during all their indecision As the sun dropped lower, I couldn’t help but notice that at some angles there was some pretty sweet backlight going on. So, while the geese were coming and going in all directions, I setup for a shot where I could get a cool backlit shot of one as he swooped by. It took a few frames (OK, fine, it took dozens of frames), but I finally caught this shot as this guy was heading out.” Persistence pays!

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