Photo Of The Day 8/21/2012

Little Wonders Of Nature by Travis Swentosky

Travis Swentosky sent this photo to the Black & White Cover Assignment. As nature photographers we spend a lot of time seeking out grand landscapes, but sometimes it’s a good idea to ground ourselves with something more modest in scale. Travis Swentosky describe how he got this photo, “Sometimes us nature photographers are so busy trying to get the “big” picture that we forget to look for the little things around us. A storm had just finished up and I was out looking for some mist rising through the trees as the sun came out. When i stepped out of my car, right in front of it was a puddle with a single leaf with tons of water droplets on it. I spent almost 40 minutes and over 150 photos just to capture the perfect angle and reflection on the droplets. Just goes to show that it may not be a “big” scene that makes a good photo if we spend the time to look at the little things going on around us.”

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