Photo Of The Day 8/24/2012

Broken Hill At Dawn by Dave Hammaker

Today’s Photo of The Day comes from Dave Hammaker and it was one of the Finalists in The American Landscape photo contest. Hammaker describes getting this photograph, “The image was captured at sunrise just as the sun got above the horizon and the first rays of light hit the “broken hill” formation rendering the formation brilliant red.  The image was captured on film and later drum scanned by West Coast Imaging.  B&W conversion was completed using Lightroom 3.The B&W images made by many of the iconic American landscape masters in the west and the southwest have always been some of my favorite photography.  The strong clean graphic design of their photos is something I have always aspired to add to my photography.   This particular landscape provide a great opportunity for great graphic lines plus strong interest in the foreground with the detail in the formations and a background with wonderful fog and trees.   The color version was nice but the B&W version really brought the scene to life and was most characteristic of an iconic American landscape.”

You can see all of the winners and finalists from The American Landscape contest here.

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