Photo Of The Day By Craig Bill

Photo By Craig Bill

Photo By Craig Bill

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Magic Mountain” by Craig Bill. Location: Shiprock, San Juan County, New Mexico.

“Even though I arrived at the Shiprock formation right outside Shiprock, New Mexico, early in the day, my photographic intentions were for the coming night,” explains Bill. “There, at the base of this extinct volcano that the Navajos regard as an ancient spiritual monument, I scouted and planned for the earth’s turn away from the sun. And this area is in a good dark spot for nighttime star gazing.

“In fact, I came here to execute a lengthy photo project starring, well… the stars. ‘Magic Mountain’ and the other images captured that night featured enhanced star-trail captures. I had been exploring and developing complex processing methods to bring star trail images to a new visual and artistic level, if successful. ‘Magic Mountain’ is formed from over 700 20-second long exposures, five different programs (some taking hours for just one adjustment) and over a month to plan/develop as well as a couple of weeks alone to process and refine the resulting photograph.

“The accentuated vibrant circles and arcs come from the stars’ subtle colors mostly (raw images captured and pre-processed with that in mind), wispy traveling clouds over the night and sky color from approaching dawn, horizon lights and air quality. Too many clouds, however, can ruin the entire night. But not that night! After the camera clicked away all night, I waited patiently but apprehensively as I traveled back to the studio, hoping all the images from the exhausted batteries, sensors and cards gathered enough ancient starlight to compose epic astrophotography images.”

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