Photo Of The Day By David Connel

Photo By David Connel

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Close Encounter” by David Connel. Location: Guadalupe Islands, Mexico.

“I spent a week cage diving with great white sharks in the Guadalupe Islands of Mexico,” explains Connel. “My main goal was to capture the experience of being eye-to-eye with a great white shark from inside a dive cage. I thought this would be no problem. When I actually tried to get that picture, I discovered the sharks are stealth hunters and avoided approaching from the front. They would swim below the cage, above the cage, around the cage, but I could not get the nose-to-nose picture I envisioned. Eventually, this one approached as if he was curious and slowly glided up to the cage and put his nose right up to the bars. Finally, I got the picture I came for.”

Exposure: 1/160th sec., f/5.6, ISO 400, 16mm.

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